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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
Furikake Black Sesame Seed and Salt 46g, . Jun Direct Online Grocery Presented by Tokyo Mart and Fuji Mart brings you the best Japanese products. Shipping all over Australia. Jun Pacific Online Shop
Marumiya Ochazuke Ume (Japanese Umeboshi Plum) 40gMarumiya Ochazuke Ume (Japanese Umeboshi Plum) 40g
Nichifuri Furikake Egg Additives Free 28gNichifuri Furikake Egg Additives Free 28g
Marumiya Furikake Cod Roe 28g
Marumiya Ochazuke Tarako (Pollock Roe) 35g
Product: Mazekomi Wakame Shirasu 31g  Description: Furikake for onigiri (rice ball). Small sardine and wakame seaweed. Has a nice slight crunch full of umami bits.  Country of Origin: Japan
Marumiya Furikake Nori and Tamago (Egg) 28gMarumiya Furikake Nori and Tamago (Egg) 28g
Mishima Furikake Yukari 26gMishima Furikake Yukari 26g
Nagatanien Ochazuke Nori 8 pack 48g
Marumiya Furikake Bonito and Konbu 28g
Marumiya Ochazuke Nori 56gMarumiya Ochazuke Nori 56g
Marumiya Furikake Tuna and Mayonnaise 28gMarumiya Furikake Tuna and Mayonnaise 28g
Marumiya Furikake Shiso no ka 30g
Marumiya Ochazuke Bonito Dashi 35g
Nagatanien Otona No Furikake Bontio 5pk 12.5g
Nichifuri Furikake Wasabi Additives Free 25g
Marumiya Furikake Ume Katsuo (Bonito) 42g
Marumiya Furikake Beef and Wasabi 22g
Takara Hotate - Scallop Rice Seasoning Mix 207g
Takara Tai - Snapper Rice Seasoning Mix 207g

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